Sunday, November 30, 2014

Losing Weight / Getting Healthy

Note: I wrote the following post in 2014 but never published it. Let's just say that a LOT has happened since then...Namely I had a baby! So I'm back up to almost my pre-weight loss weight. Frustrating. But I do have a lot more muscle now and the weight is distributed differently. I am really, really going that I will be able to lose some more once I am done breastfeeding, too.

I know I don't usually do a lot of personal posts, but I wanted to share a proud moment for myself in the hopes that it will motivate me to keep going :)

First, a disclaimer. I have friends and family of all weights, sizes, shapes, health, etc, and I love them all and think they are all beautiful! I am just sharing my own personal story and my feelings on myself. I can't remember every looking at anyone else and thinking "gee, they need to lose weight" because it's none of my business! But my own body is definitely my business :)

Anyways, let me give a little background. I have never been really skinny but during high school and college I'd say that I was an average, healthy weight. I was on the gymnastics team in HS, and in marching band in HS and college, and I think those kept me pretty fit. Sometime after college, my weight started to creep up, little by little. I never really weighed myself, so I don't know how much or when it really happened, but every so often I would have to buy new slacks, etc. I used to never mind getting my photo taken, and I knew that sometimes a bad photo would result just due to a bad angle, but in the last few years, I began to get that dreaded double chin in every one!

I have wanted to lose some weight and start exercising for awhile. I tried swimming last year but just couldn't get motivated to go often enough (it's a lot of work to drive to the Y, get all wet, shower/bathe to get rid of that chlorine smell, etc!!) So I gave that up.

Right after New Year's this year (2014), we went to Walt Disney World. I had a blast, but I hated almost every photo that I was in. I will tell you two things that ultimately motivated me to google "[My city] personal training" and get the motivation to lose weight...

1) Getting too big for my work pants, and then going to the department store and having to try on slacks in the Womens' department. It actually wasn't so much that I felt bad about having to go to that department, because I was ok with that fact, it was actually the fact that I was too big for the "normal" sizes but too small for the Womens' ones, which made it impossible to find new clothes! Plus, every top that I tried on made me look pregnant, with a big belly sticking out over the top of my waistband.
2) The following photo from my vacation which I really don't want to share but I think that I should, to show the extent of the problem:

Now, yes, it is a horrible pose on my part, and I am also wearing two hoodies (due to it being unseasonably cold in Florida that week) but I still don't ever want to be caught looking like that again! When I say this, it literally made me cry. I had no idea that's how I looked.

So now, it's been around 9 months and I have lost 40 lbs! Yes, I still have an extra chin, but not so much, and not in every photo, and yes, I still have a belly, but it's definitely less noticeable :)

So, I called the first place that came up in my google search and got started. They actually gave me the first month free, but I was already determined to make the investment in myself. Clearly nothing else was working, and this place seemed to have a lot of satisfied customers with not a lot of time investment (30min workouts 2x per week!). So I worked hard, counted calories, and I'm now feeling so much better!

And now you probably want an "after" photo, right? Well here's my closeup, unedited:
Now it's not apples to apples (of course I posed better, and picked my favorite shot, etc), but I do think it shows a difference! It makes me want to go back and pose with Rapunzel again!

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