Friday, December 27, 2013

Disney Album!

I have taken a number of vacations in the past, and each time I planned to create some sort of travel album....and have never done so :( I have scrapped individual pages, but I have never created a memento album like I have seen so many examples of from other people.

So, for the trip to Walt Disney World we have coming up, I am determined to make this trip the first one that I actually create an album for! I debated on how to create my album. Then I decided to jump on the "Smash book" train (I know I am really late on this, these days everything is all about Project Life instead of Smash but that's ok.)  I created a base album, so that hopefully I can just stick in the photos and journaling.

I first thought that I would bring my album with me and work on it on the trip, but after spending hours on the cover, I really don't see myself now stuffing it in a suitcase or backpack where it could get messed up (especially considering that I already lost a star embellishment off the front). Instead, I will bring a plastic envelope/pouch to collect any ephemera, and a little notebook to take notes. When I get home, I will put it all together!

I started with this base binder:
I chose this one because it was 3-hole (instead of a Smash one, which is spiral bound). I wanted to make sure I could add in my own pages and pockets, and change around the order if needed.

Notes about this binder: I actually felt like it came with too many inside pages for the ring size. I knew that I would be adding a fair amount of bulk to some pages, and adding some pockets, so I took out probably around 1/3 of the pages or more. Unfortunately, this meant breaking up coordinated "spreads." Along similar lines, when I flipped through the pages, the insides of each page kept getting caught by the rings. To remedy that, I sliced off a tiny bit of each page to the left of the hole punches. I feel like had the rings just been a bit bigger, I could have avoided a lot of hassle!

Also, I didn't particularly like the pattern on the cover. You can see that I put my own paper over the whole thing.

Here's a look at my finished cover (minus one star!) and a few inside pages:

I will share the rest once our trip (and then the album itself) is completed!

Oh, and one more Disney-related's a little canvas I made for a friend (sorry about the picture quality, I forgot to take a photo of it myself before I gave it to her, so this is a pic from her phone)

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Art Journaling in 3 styles

Here are a few pages I've made recently. I have been trying to emulate some of my favorite artists, in hopes that I can become a better artist myself!

This one is a lift of a page by Georgia Heald. Here's my take:

This next one is a lift of a page by Kasia, though I don't think it turned out exactly how I wanted. I am just in awe of her ability to create such gorgeous pages, and have it be all random and messy but still look so amazing. She makes it look really easy, but it is a true talent!

And finally, here is a page in the style of Dina Wakely. She is another one who makes it look so easy...but after trying this style, I have learned that I still need some practice! This page might not be finished yet, but I am taking a break on it for now.

I am linking this up to this week's Art Journal Everyday post at Balzer friend from my digi days, Melita Bloomer, is a guest blogger there this week!