Friday, September 21, 2012

Pumpkins and Cider!

So I absolutely love Christy Tomlinson's style. I have taken most of her workshops so far, and she announced a new holiday set a few weeks ago--one for fall/Halloween and one for Christmas. Well, I wasn't going to take the Halloween one, but all of the previews made it look just adorable! I have been feeling down on myself with my art and digiscrap lately, and I know that every time I've taken one of Christy's classes, I end up inspired.

So, I signed up and jumped right in! My first creation was this Halloween card (although I borrowed some ideas from Wild Abandonment, too):

 Then I sketched a bunch of ideas (more will turn into canvases soon enough, hopefully). I picked this one out because I thought it was super-fun, and here was my result:

I am so proud of the result! The tulle skirt was really annoying to mod podge down, but eventually it dried and now it looks totally cute!

I think "A" stands for "Amazing!" :) It was a leftover alpha sticker I had, so I didn't really have a choice in the letter, hah.

I am so excited by the ideas in my head lately, and I hope to be creating a lot more in the future, so stay tuned!

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catschwartz said...

I love the expression on the girls face! wonderful, creative work!