Monday, August 12, 2013

Quick (or not-so-quick) Update

Whew, the last few weeks have just flown by. A lot has happened and I want to make you (my few readers...probably just my mom and maybe my husband, hah) aware of a few things!

First of all, you may notice that I have not posted a new Play Date Cafe Challenge entry in awhile. That's because, sadly, the challenge is over for good :( Julie ran the challenge for almost 200 weeks! That's amazing! But due to personal reasons, she had to shut it down. The blog is still up, though, and you can peruse tons of weeks of color inspirations and projects!

Secondly, a few weeks back I attended an amazing workshop with the one and only Finnabair. She is outrageously talented and I made some really fun projects. I don't think I can post them in great detail on here (you have to attend the workshop yourself to get all the details!) but I want to post a few shots because I love how my art journal cover turned out.

Thirdly, I now have a video camera, and I am really hoping to create some tutorials now that I won't be posting a weekly project.

Lastly, I have been published in a real print magazine!! The issue's release date is Sep 1, so I don't want to jump the gun too much, but I am super-excited by this, so I will definitely be sharing more details when I can.

See you again soon!