Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Mixed Media Challenge

It's a new month, which means a new Mixed Media Monthly Challenge! This month's theme is using household objects in your art. I am a hoarder (I'm sure some of you can identify...) so I have a lot of things that I keep around for use later.

And our sponsor this month is Die Cuts With a View, who makes a great variety of fun and affordable scrapbooking and crafting supplies.

Here's my page:

In this art journal page, I used bottle caps from Feliway diffusers to create the purple circles. This is my favorite tool for making circles, because it has a built-in handle for "stamping", and we go through about one a month. The tops from Bath and Body Works Wallflowers work as well.

My other favorite tools from "throwaway" items are the waste left from punching out pieces from games. My husband and I are a a bit of game nuts, so we have no lack of these.  They work especially well when I want to create dimension using modeling paste or heavy gel medium (because they are made from heavy cardboard and are thick) I have circles, hexagons, octagons, hearts, etc.

And finally, a fun find is a silicone trivet I found at Walmart. It is perfect for stamping a hexagon/chicken wire pattern on my pages! I don't actually use this for its intended purpose, but it's fun to see new uses for things. I have also considered buying a patterned dishmat to use a stencil but haven't tried that yet.

I hope you enjoyed my page and learning some fun ideas on how to use household items. We'd love to see your projects. For complete challenge information, check out the blog here: http://mixedmediamc.blogspot.com/


Donna B. said...

I love your journal page Lynn! Especially the colors and the graffiti feel of it. Love how you incorporated all the household elements too!

Lynn K said...

Lovely art journal page!! LOVE the colors and your choice of household items is clever!!

Rachel said...

lynn, you have such great ideas with the items you found! you really created a stunning journal page! i love this one

Cheryl M said...

This page is gorgeous. I love the way you pulled everything together.