Monday, December 31, 2012

My favorite projects of 2012

I didn't realize it until I looked back at all my old entries, but I started this blog almost a year ago.  This year, I have been able to try a lot of new things, creative-wise. Some were successful and others weren't as much, but I definitely learned a lot! Here's a look at my favorite projects:

Brother and Sister


Home tag

Oh, and make sure to check out my year-end wrap-up layout at The Paper Haus blog!
Here is a peek:

I can't wait to create some more in 2013! I have big plans.  Actually, I am going to list them here and hopefully come back and cross them off as I complete them...maybe even add some more as I go along!

My One Little Word for 2013 will be SUCCEED. I want to make sure I now only have good intentions to start things, but also to complete and finish them.  So, here are the creative accomplishments I will succeed at in 2013 (I would say "try" but you know what Yoda says...)

1. Finish my December Daily.
2. Get published.
3. Learn to take better photos of my projects (perhaps make a lightbox?).
4. Create at least 1 project a month just for me/or for a non-required challenge.
5. Make at least one Project: Life style spread (digital or traditional).
6. Join a product design team.
7. Organize my craft room.
8. Try a new technique from by Pinterest techniques board (or elsewhere) at least once a month.

My other goals are a bit more personal but I will list them (in vague form) here anyways...
1. Fitness
2. Career
3. Organization
4. Spiritual

I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! See you in 2013 :)


Mona Pendleton said...

Awesome assortment of projects Lynn! Happy New Year!

Patrice said...

Love your painted people!

Gerrina said...

What an great serie of different art works! Hope you will get to forfill most of your goals for 2013!